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Our Recycling Services

Drive-Up Service

Express Scrap Metals welcomes all clients who drive up or walk into the yard with their scrap metal. Our friendly staff will assist you by offloading your vehicle and weighing your scrap while you wait.

Indoor Gun Range Cleaning

Have your range cleaned by Express Scrap Metals. We are fully equipped to clean any type containment system using proper certification and OSHA complainant equipment. Call 615-772-8945 for pricing and further details.

Scrap Metal Consulting

Our primary goal is to provide the highest level of service to each customer. We cater to the specific needs of each individual customer regarding scrap metal removal and metal recycling. We work with large and small businesses to minimize their environmental impact and affect their bottom line by assessing their current scrap disposal methods and creating new, environmentally focused solutions that are faster and much more cost-effective. Express Scrap Metals has the expertise and equipment to handle most industrial or scrap project requirements.

Scrap Containers

For commercial, industrial or residential needs, we offer multiple size containers to meet the specific needs of each application. We will deliver, pick-up and exchange on site in a timely manner. This service allows the job site to stay clean and organized, so you can continue to work safe and efficient. We offer competitive scrap metal rates on all materials. If you have any questions about what materials we will purchase or sell please contact us at 615-772-8945 or email us a picture at

Turn Your Scrap Metal into Cash